staying home

Well, it's official. As of January 16th I will be a stay-at-home mom. I submitted my 2 week notice at work today, and notified the daycare that J would be leaving soon. I can't believe how things are finally happening. I'm FINALLY leaving the job I have stressed about for the past two years. And most importantly, I am now only 5 weeks away from the due date of our next baby! It seemed like this time would never get here, and now it's here.

So now, I wait. I wait for the new babe. And after he's here, I have to get together a game plan. I want to make lesson plans for J and somehow balance the time so the new babe is getting all that he needs as well. And then there's me. I've got school and our business to focus on when I have time. It sounds a little overwhelming, but knocking this 8 hours a day at the job thing out of the way has got to make room for me have time to be productive.

On to a new things!

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