Domestic Engineer

Yesterday was a great day. I woke up earlier than usual...it was around 8 am. I started my daily routine--feed Archer, change Archer, chat with Jackson, bath either both kids or just one (babies don't need to bath every day), dress everyone, make breakfast, and then start laundry or picking up. Sounds very dull, but I actually enjoy it. After these things are done, we usually leave the house to run an errand or visit the park; whatever we feel like doing. After the outing we sit down for reading time and Jackson gets his nap. I haven't been able to get Archer to nap with Jackson yet, but that day will come soon. For now, Archer naps in our sling. I plan to use this bit of time to work on my many "projects". Recently, I've decided to learn how to cross stitch. Today was my first attempt to "artsy fartsy up" a onsie. The project has not turned out to be as easy as I wanted, but I will figure it out. My plan is to have onsies and baby shirts for sale at my booth at the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. I'll have my Mama Kate's body care and some handmade knit and cross stitched items.

Anyway, yesterday was the day I truly fell in love with being a stay at home mom. I've got what seems like endless quality time with my kids, time to pursue my many creative ideas, time to get the house work done, time to garden, time to grow my business, time to get done whatever it is that I'd like to get done. I am very lucky to be able to do this.


I'm just sayin'

I really do have some good lookin' kids.


Ode to the blanket

Archer was given a beautiful blanket that was hand-made by my wonderful friend Annie. Now that Archer has been around for 5 weeks, (wow) this time has allowed me to fall in love not only with my new son, but this blanket! First of all she could not have picked better colors. And I need to remember to ask her if she was even aware of the sex of our babe when she started this project. Second, the size is perfect. It's pretty big for a baby blanket, but now that I've used it, all the others we have seem too small. Thirdly, it's soft. I've become so fond of this blanket, that I really don't use any others. (This may change as the weather gets warmer) I wait until it's had one too many spit ups on it, wash it, and return it to it's rightful owner--Archer.

Thank you Annie!



Archer is officially 1 month old as of yesterday. Yay! He and I are doing well, and finally adjusting. I've had some ups and downs getting used to being a mother of 2. Things are slowly becoming normal and routine for all of us now, though.

Breastfeeding was an issue to begin with, of course. I told myself not to get frustrated if there happens to be a difficulty with breastfeeding before Archer arrived. Inevitably, we did have a tiny issue, and I got a bit frustrated. But, now we have both learned how to "master" this nursing thing, and I couldn't be happier that it's becoming so easy. And, like all the breastfeeding advocates say, it really is rewarding and brings a special bond to you and your baby.

Jackson has had a hard time as well. He's not getting the attention he deserves, so we have decided that we will make it our mission to be more conscious of the attention we give him. Negative attention is one thing he's been getting a lot of--we need to change that. Otherwise, Jackson is being a wonderful son and big brother. He loves his little brother, and he is the best helper his mama could ask for.

John, of course, has had no trouble at all adjusting. He's been there to encourage me when I'm feeling down. He's was there for me when I called him to come home on his first week back to work. He's there for Jackson when I've got Archer to feed. He is wonderful.

My new family is wonderful!