So, my baby is breech...or at least he was a few days ago when my Midwife checked. So, tonight we have our first home visit with her, and she will check me once more. If he is still head up, then we look into the External Cephalic Version option. It seems like something worth trying. I've also been doing lots of crazy stand-on-your-head stuff at home to coax my little one to turn. Basically, you want your pelvis elevated above your head to use gravity to your advantage. So, I either lay in bed with 3 pillows under my toosh, or when I'm feeling super hard-core, I lay on an ironing board that is propped up on the couch. It's lovely. Actually, it takes your breath away, and it's not comfortable at all. But, if all this means we can birth at home, so be it. I've also tried moxibustion and a Homeopathic remedy, Pulsatilla. So, at some point ONE of these things should convince him to turn. Or not...whatever. At this point I am just ready to hold him. So however he arrives into this wonderful world, it's cool with me.

And here is a picture of enormous me at almost 36 weeks!

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