new life

This week I've been learning about (or trying to learn about) the world of cloth diapers. It's a pretty large amount of information to take in, and I'm still confused. I'm leaning towards the traditional pre-fold cloth diapers with a water proof cover. That seems to be an easy and cheap option.

I've learned quite a bit. Disposable diapers have whatever material it was that caused women to develop Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from tampons in them still! The reasoning for this is the diapers are not used internally. I thought it was common knowledge that the skin absorbs anything that it comes in contact with. Apparently not! Also, studies are now linking fertility problems to disposable diapers. So, I think I'm convinced. I'd much rather deal with a few more loads of laundry to keep my baby healthy. Plus, there's the whole environmental issue. It takes over 100 years for the disposable diapers to even begin to decompose.

After all this enlightenment, I don't think I can go back to regular diapering. (I say this before I've had the chance to even try cloth diapers, ha) I also feel good about the money I will be spending on these cloth diapers--which is substantially less than what I spent on the disposables for my first son. I plan to buy from a company that was started by a mother, and now employs mothers that are able to work at their own pace from their homes. Wonderful!!


should i stay or should i go

So, I've decided that it might be cool to be a stay at home mom. This is something I thought I would never have a desire for. Circumstances are much different from that last time I considered doing this, though. Back then I was new at the mother thing, as well as the whole wife, home-owner, responsible adult bit. Now, I am experienced with all these things. And, after lots of ups and downs, I think I love being all these things. I love being a mother, I love being settled with someone I dearly love, I love caring for a home, and caring for all other parts of life that make me the (I assume) responsible and sensible adult I have become.

With all of this, I've got a lot of inspiration around me. My son, and son on the way have helped me discover my desire to learn about natural health. Every choice you make as a parent is so important, and the choice to keep my family healthy has become a huge priority for me. With this I am learning something new everyday about nutrition, body care, household cleaners, the environment, etc. All the knowledge I am gaining has led me to find the entrepreneur inside. All the products I have decided to use for my family could be a source of income for us! And this income could possibly allow me to stay home with my new son on the way.

So, my husband and I are slowly piecing together what we know will be a successful business. I just hope I can find a good balance for work, housework, and family. I am sure with time I'll figure it out.