For Your Enjoyment

I haven't posted in a while. Not really sure why, I've had lots of totally fun stuff happening. I just haven't felt like pausing to document them, I guess. So here are photos I have saved from the past few weeks. I don't plan on doing a whole lot of blogging in the next month because I will be having way too much fun, so I will be posting pictures periodically for your enjoyment!

The 3 amigos, Archer, Jackson, and Lionel Richie.

My boys.

Contemplating ...

Mr. I Only Lick the Salt From the Shells of the Peanuts.

Pure Jackson, no sugar or artificial sweeteners added.

It looks like a "no no", but actually this girl initiated the boxing, and my sweet Jackson held back his rough side for this lovely lady. What a guy!

Archer's favorite thing to do with Daddy, DANCE!

Sleepy Cottage Cheese Butt.


Happy 4 (oh my goodness gracious I can't believe it) Months

I'm a bit late on this post. We have had quite a bit going on lately, and I totally missed out on posting on the day of this amazing milestone.

Anyway, hooray for 'The Arch'--as he's known around here--you are a big boy! It's been in the last 2 weeks that he has surprised me everyday with how much he changes. He's not my little newborn anymore. It's awesome to see him grow, but a little sad to see his baby days race by so quickly.


Craft Show Was a Success!

Thank you to everyone that came to the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange! This event was wonderful. We met a lot of great patrons as well as vendors. Thank you to those that gave us compliments on our products, that was much appreciated!

You can get to my Etsy shop with the link on the right side margin or by the link below. Make sure to bookmark us and check back periodically--new inventory is on the way!!



Dress Up!

Well, I am pulling things together at the last minute, once again. John's cousin Danny and his lovely lady are due to have a new baby girl in August (I think), so I made a dress for the baby shower gift. The baby shower is Saturday, so this gift may be a bit late, but I'm not too worried about it. Here are the results from a "hard" day of work and not changing out of my pajama pants! (You might notice a certain someone we all know modeling this beautiful dress for me!)


May I Just Say?

As my foot is pretty well into the doorway of stay-at-home mommery, I can say with certainty backed up by 4 months experience that I love my life. Today I successfully took care of my boys + 2 of my nephews. While it was great--we played out in the back yard in the morning, took a walk with the neighbor and her 2 wonderful sons, and played in the sprinkler in the afternoon--I am exhausted! So, while laying with "I don't sleep without my mama 2 inches away" Archer, I had a chance to reflect on the day. Yeah, I'm tired, but really, WHO CARES? I don't have some difficult job to get up early for in the morning. And I must say I also don't have the stressful things that weigh upon your mind when you have a job that isn't so great--this is a major plus. And while taking care of 2 boys all day is work, I absolutely love it. I am truly blessed.

P.S. Have you seen anything cuter?


Very Cool Things

Today has been one of those more memorable/eventful days. Archer is rolling over like a champion all of the sudden. Yesterday he started attempting rolling from his back to his belly, and today he conquered that feat! He has made diaper changing almost impossible, and he loves it. He also has learned to roll the other way--from belly to back. All this within 24 hours. Amazing!

Another totally wonderful thing was the fact that both of my boys allowed me to get some weeding in the garden done today. I've been over a few times to get some gardening done, but it usually ends up with me taking care of the boys instead. Not today! Archer fell asleep and Jackson amused himself with bubbles and digging for snail shells in part of the garden for a good half hour.

More good news! I got my tags in the mail today! So, I will be adding those to the pieces I will be taking to the craft show.

Yay for productive days!