I am amazed! I just started my introductory class to Homeopathy, and I am in love with it! I'm only 10 pages into the book, Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines, and already I feel like I've learned a lot.

The basic principle of Homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars. This means that any symptoms that the body is showing is an indication of what kind of treatment the body needs to utilize its immune defense to heal. So, the body is telling us exactly what it needs. If you have fever and chills, you need a medicine that would have those affects on the body.

This might be a very simple idea to most, but I am totally amazed. I love finding all these little clues that we can use to stay happy healthy people. Just another point that we really should listen to ourselves.

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Maria said...

What may seem like a "simple idea" is also a very wrong idea. There is no "Law of Similars". The whole notion of "like cures like" has been scientifically tested and found to have no merit whatsoever. What kind of "medicine" would cause fevers and chills anyway? Homeopathic "remedy" manufacturers, Helios, give a full list of ingredients they use on their website. Have a look: http://www.helios.co.uk/download/Remedy_File.pdf. They include such delightful ingredients as 'canine sinus pus' and 'excretum can.' and many more. What, under the "Law of Similars", do these ingredients treat? Poop-for-brains syndrome perhaps? Of course, anyone revolted by these ingredients need have no fear that the "remedies" they purchase actually contain even the smallest trace or memory of them once they have been diluted according to homeopathic principles. Homeopathic remedies are just sugar pills - a glass of water would be equally effective. The only way that homeopathy helps people is through the placebo effect.

If you are serious about staying healthy and happy, I urge you to broaden your reading to include some evidence-based opinions.

For more on the "Law of Similars" see: http://www.homeowatch.org/basic/similars.html

For the dangers of homeopathy see: http://whatstheharm.net/homeopathy.html

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