triple cheese burger

I am ridiculous. I know that fast food is horrible for me and the baby, but this pregnancy is forcing me to eat it! I've been craving the most unhealthy food ever known to man. It's a huge struggle to ignore these awful cravings.

My last pregnancy was not like this. I ate healthy the whole way through, never had any bad cravings ... except for the week straight of only wanting hot dogs. That passed quickly, though. I wasn't really moody, and I wasn't always asking my husband to help me with projects.

This pregnancy is more like the cliche pregnancy. I crave food that will in no way nourish my baby or me. I crave chocolate quite often ... and in the real world of me with no child growing inside, chocolate and sweets are never on my list of things to eat. I also was previously vegetarian, and reverted back to the dark side of flesh eating right after the first trimester was over.

I can't seem to get through a day without asking my husband to come "assist me" with some average thing like taking the laundry back to the bed room, or to put the pans away in the cabinet. He's been so wonderful about all this, by the way.

And the moods. Yay. I'm normally a pretty level gal, but this baby is making me emotional. I'm taking things the wrong way constantly, and having a really hard time calming down. If I get to an angry or worried state, it's difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

BUT OTHER THAN THAT ... things are great! This new baby has inspired me and driven our family into a new direction. I can't wait to meet him!

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Lauren said...

I had a hot dog month when I was pregnant with E. Before that I was completely vegetarian -- no more!

I wonder if hot dog cravings are common...