Yesterday, we went to a Christmas party at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indianapolis. The building was amazing, and the Christmas decorations were very nice. My father-in-law is a Mason, so that's how we found ourselves at such an event. This Mason, Scottish Rite, and Shriner deal really confuses me. I'm not sure what these guys do, and what the difference is between the "branches" of this organization. Every time I inquire to my father-in-law about all of this, he ends up not telling me much. The conversation ends in him joking about fish fry's and protecting the Arc of the Covenant.

So, maybe I should take some time to look into this subject. It's all a mystery.

Anyway, the party was very nice. J got to sit and watch a magic show performed by one of Santa's elves, a story read by Mrs. Claus, and a puppet show. After the performance, we went downstairs and visited Santa. J was not very clear on what you say to this Santa character, so he was blabbing away about who knows what, and I think I heard something about birthdays. He was happy to meet Santa, and that's all that matter anyway.

To top off the awkward visit with Mr. Claus, J was able to get his picture taken with him. Check out this kid's wonderful smile!!

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