crumbs on the counter

I'm not sure if this happens to all new moms, but after I had my first son, I turned into a clean freak. I'm not really concerned about germs or any of that, I actually think that the germs are better for the immune system. Anyway, I am obsessed with having things 'just so'. It was close to getting out of hand, then I calmed down, and now at the end of this pregnancy a dirty house drives me crazy! I really wish I could go back to my old ways...I didn't even notice when things weren't cleaned up. Now, if the dishes are dirty in the sink, I can't handle it. And half of the stuff that bothers me, I don't have the energy to take care of. So, my poor husband gets lists of things to do for me.

Maybe this new baby will bring peace to the house, and help me to realize that it really doesn't matter if the bed isn't made.

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