home birth? seriously?

So, tonight my husband and I made the decision to birth at home. We've been taking Bradley Method birthing classes, and have wanted a natural birth from the beginning. A hospital has always seemed like the normal and safe place to birth for us. I have been comfortable with the hospital birth for the safety aspect. If anything were to go wrong we would be in the right place with the right people to be able to tell if something were going wrong with either me or the baby. That is the ONLY thing that I like about the idea of a hospital birth. Everything else that happens in the hospital for birthing procedures is against my birthing plan. I want a comfortable place to labor..no medical intervention, unless something is wrong..freedom to move around..no textbook standards for my body to follow to prove to the staff just how far I'm progressing..etc. So, after talking all of this over and looking at our plan, it seems that the minute we walk in the door of the hospital, we are going to have to be fighting these docs. The main problem is that I trust my body to labor and deliver this baby safely. The medical staff seems to be under the assumption that I will need help. And they have a list of guidelines that my labor should be following...well, every labor and every person is unique. It makes no sense to have such strict guidelines for me to follow. And once you've not met one of these rules, they take over. You aren't progressing, so they introduce drugs, or artificially break your water. Your body was not counting on these distractions from it's job to labor, so everything is thrown off. Then you fall into the trap of getting farther and farther into medical intervention. This is what I don't want, so I think I'll pass on that and stay home. We are going to look into the local midwives to see who we should hire, and how the whole midwife deal works.. I really think this is the BEST decision we could make. I want the comfort of home with the comfort of someone with us to know if something is going wrong with me or the baby.

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