green shower

I'm now 6 months pregnant with our new son. Which means, I've got to start thinking about a baby shower. I'm having my mother-in-law host it, but I will probably take care of the invites and such. In preparation for the new baby I've been thinking much more in depth than my first baby shower about what I want for my new little one. What I'm beginning to see in myself is a big green snob! I'm wanting to go with all natural and eco friendly gear for my baby this time. I'm going to do cloth diapering, I'm going to use glass bottles (if bottles even get introduced), and I'd prefer to have all of my baby's toys be non-toxic. To me, this all makes sense. I really can't go back to the crap you generally find in the stores after all the information I've absorbed about the safety and environmental benefits of the products I've chosen to use.

So, all this "pickiness" has to be relayed to the people attending my shower if I want to get stuff that I will actually use. Some of the people will be totally receptive to my requests, but others may not be. I really want to avoid sounding like a demanding snob. I've listened to advice, and read articles that give you tips on how to tactfully get the point across, but it all still sounds a bit stuck up to me. Plus, most of the things I want aren't found at the local Walmart or Target. I just feel like I'm asking a lot.

Who knows, maybe everyone is on the same page with me. Or, maybe I will awaken someone's eyes to what is good for their own children. I'll just have to wait and see.

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