I'm taking Bradley Method birthing classes. My husband was not too excited about this plan to begin with, but after sitting through the first few sessions, he's into it. I'm finding out that my birth plan doesn't fit with what our town has to offer for births. I'm not quite comfortable with having a home birth, but the hospital isn't going to allow me to do a few of the things I'd like.

I'd like to have as little medical intervention as possible. It seems like all the procedures done at the hospital interrupt and distract from smooth labor. Of course, there is a need for these procedures sometimes, but mostly things become complicated unnecessarily. So, home birth would seem like a good option, but it makes me nervous to have medical attention so far away.

After my first son's birth, medical attention was necessary. But, I was induced, so who knows how natural labor would have gone for us.

What I would prefer is a birthing center, but our area doesn't offer that. Even after TWO new hospitals have been built in this town, they have not made any progress on giving women in our area more birthing options! They didn't even include birthing tubs!

So, we will see what happens. I plan to labor at home as long as I feel comfortable, and if things move quickly, maybe we will do a home birth.

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