Very Cool Things

Today has been one of those more memorable/eventful days. Archer is rolling over like a champion all of the sudden. Yesterday he started attempting rolling from his back to his belly, and today he conquered that feat! He has made diaper changing almost impossible, and he loves it. He also has learned to roll the other way--from belly to back. All this within 24 hours. Amazing!

Another totally wonderful thing was the fact that both of my boys allowed me to get some weeding in the garden done today. I've been over a few times to get some gardening done, but it usually ends up with me taking care of the boys instead. Not today! Archer fell asleep and Jackson amused himself with bubbles and digging for snail shells in part of the garden for a good half hour.

More good news! I got my tags in the mail today! So, I will be adding those to the pieces I will be taking to the craft show.

Yay for productive days!


educe said...

Hey! Give me a call whenever you head over to the garden--I'll join you!

I LOVE the tags! It's a great touch. I always thought about getting some for my knitting but just haven't yet done it. Do you recommend it?

kate said...

Oh yeah, you're on vacation. We will definitely call you next time!

I got the tag idea from the sling I ordered. It was a nice touch, and seems to be an efficient way to get your name out. We'll see how it goes!