May I Just Say?

As my foot is pretty well into the doorway of stay-at-home mommery, I can say with certainty backed up by 4 months experience that I love my life. Today I successfully took care of my boys + 2 of my nephews. While it was great--we played out in the back yard in the morning, took a walk with the neighbor and her 2 wonderful sons, and played in the sprinkler in the afternoon--I am exhausted! So, while laying with "I don't sleep without my mama 2 inches away" Archer, I had a chance to reflect on the day. Yeah, I'm tired, but really, WHO CARES? I don't have some difficult job to get up early for in the morning. And I must say I also don't have the stressful things that weigh upon your mind when you have a job that isn't so great--this is a major plus. And while taking care of 2 boys all day is work, I absolutely love it. I am truly blessed.

P.S. Have you seen anything cuter?


Penny Lane said...

What a joy!!! You are an absolutely beautiful inspiration!!

kate said...

Thank you, Penny! I've been thinking of you a lot lately. You have to let me know when you have your new little one!