should i stay or should i go

So, I've decided that it might be cool to be a stay at home mom. This is something I thought I would never have a desire for. Circumstances are much different from that last time I considered doing this, though. Back then I was new at the mother thing, as well as the whole wife, home-owner, responsible adult bit. Now, I am experienced with all these things. And, after lots of ups and downs, I think I love being all these things. I love being a mother, I love being settled with someone I dearly love, I love caring for a home, and caring for all other parts of life that make me the (I assume) responsible and sensible adult I have become.

With all of this, I've got a lot of inspiration around me. My son, and son on the way have helped me discover my desire to learn about natural health. Every choice you make as a parent is so important, and the choice to keep my family healthy has become a huge priority for me. With this I am learning something new everyday about nutrition, body care, household cleaners, the environment, etc. All the knowledge I am gaining has led me to find the entrepreneur inside. All the products I have decided to use for my family could be a source of income for us! And this income could possibly allow me to stay home with my new son on the way.

So, my husband and I are slowly piecing together what we know will be a successful business. I just hope I can find a good balance for work, housework, and family. I am sure with time I'll figure it out.

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