Someone has been left out

I really need to apologize to my first born baby Jackson. He has not made it into my posts recently as much as his little brother. Well, Jackson, those days of uneven offspring posts are over. Blog readers need just as many updates about you as they do your brother!

So, today we visited Horticultural Park. John and I love this park for a few reasons. I have fond memories with friends from this park and both John and I share the bittersweet memories of playing fetch with Rockie there. To add to this, the park is just gorgeous with zillions of trees and beautiful plants. It has taken quite a few visits to this park to convince Jackson that it's a cool place to be. He sees no play equipment and wonders why we are there, and why are we referring to this boring place as a park? Well, today he had a wonderful time at this so-called "park". We took a walk through the woods. This was Jackson's chance to take his family on an adventure of monster fighting. He had magic sticks for us to combat these monsters, as well as secret paths to either sneak up on or avoid these monsters. He had such a good time. I love that his imagination is growing. I've always thought it to be very important to have a large imagination. It's like exercise for the brain. My Jackson is a smart little boy. He's amazing.

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