Best Saturday Ever

Yesterday was an awesome start to our weekend. Jackson, Archer, and I spent most of the day outside enjoying the breezy 80 degree weather. I got some yard work done, hung blankets out to dry (one of my favorite things), and brought all the plants crowding my kitchen counters out for some well deserved sun and rain. The evening was also wonderful with the breeze picking up and coming through our OPEN windows. Archer and I made a late run to the grocers to grab the essentials:

strawberries (for my first attempt at making a pie: strawberry rhubarb)

and ... !!!

fudge pops!

When we got home John was grilling chicken legs. So, with my appetite that so closely resembles that of a pregnant woman, I went ahead and gave in to my cravings and thoroughly enjoyed a fudge pop, 3 chicken legs, and another fudge pop for good measure.

Today, is said to be (by me) the best Saturday ever. We have plans to finish prettying our yard, clean house, and then go over to some friends' house for gardening and probably some wine.

Yay for warm weather!

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